Loose And Comfortable Adidas Men\’s FC Bayern Anthem Jacket – True Red/White nfl nike uniforms


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The final few minutes before kickoff are some of the most charged moments in soccer. This anthem jacket gives players a unified look as they line up on the field. Show your support for FC Bayern with this comfortable twill bomber jacket, which features taping down the sleeves and an embroidered team crest on the chest.

  • Regular fit is wider at the body, with a straight silhouette
  • Ribbed bomber collar
  • Long sleeves with Ribbed cuffs
  • Piqué lining
  • 100% polyester twill
  • This jacket is made with recycled polyester to save resources and decrease emissions
  • Front zip pockets; Full zip; Ribbed hem
  • FC Bayern woven crest; FC Bayern name tape on sleeves
  • Imported
  • Product color: Fcb True Red / White
  • Product code: DX9218
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